What We Are About

The God revealed to us in scripture and affirmed in the creeds is a Trinity of persons. As the three persons of God relate to each other in mutual love and freedom, so we are called to become fully human through loving relationships with others and with God. Our pro-Cathedral of Holy Trinity is a place where people of many races and nationalities meet at the heart of Europe, and where the task of building Christian community is of prophetic significance.

Therefore, we seek to:

  • Welcome. All are welcome. We work constantly at the task of communication and understanding across cultural and linguistic divides. We offer hospitality and a place of solace. We seek to underpin all that we do with deepening spirituality, sound administration and faithful stewardship.
  • Worship. We will offer varied, high quality opportunities for worship that seek to glorify God through our diverse musical and cultural traditions. By faithful and challenging preaching we will invite people to respond with all their being to the God revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • Fellowship. We will offer the opportunity to become part of a caring, sharing community, small group or network, committed to spiritual growth and faith development.
  • Witness. We will seek to build up people of all ages in their understanding of their Christian faith and their ability to relate it to their everyday lives. We will serve the mission of God through participation in church and secular networks in Brussels, and through support of missions and missionaries across the world.

Our History

  • The Beginnings

    There have been Anglican worshipping in Belgium since the 16th century. These were English-speaking merchants communities both in Antwerp and in Ghent. In the 19th century, King Leopold I recognized the Anglican Church as an officially-sanctioned religion and allowed Anglicans to worship in the Royal Chapel.

  • Holy Trinity Brussels

    There are been Anglicans worshipping in Brussels since 1816, with civil services starting in 1818 with the appointment of the first civilian Anglican priest. Formerly, there were two Anglican communities in Brussels, the Church of the Resurrection and Christ’s Church. These were combined in 1958 to become today’s Holy Trinity.

  • Planting Other Communities

    Over the past few decades, Holy Trinity has planted daughter churches around Brussels. Saint Martha and Mary’s in Leuven, Saint Paul’s in Tervuren and All Saints’ Waterloo. These are now independent churches functioning in their own right and ministering to their communities.

  • The Anglican Central Committee

    The ministry of the Anglican Church continues throughout Belgium and is growing. The Anglican Central Committee is the state-recognized governing body of the church and is responsible for interfacing with the Ministry of Justice, which oversees the official religions in Belgium.

Clergy and Staff

Paul Vrolijk

Paul Vrolijk

Canon Chancellor and Senior Chaplain
The Canon Chancellor and Senior Chaplain of Holy Trinity is Canon Dr Paul Vrolijk, who has been in Brussels since September 2015.
John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson

Canon Pastor and Associate Chaplain
The Associate Chaplain and Canon Pastor of Holy Trinity is Canon John Wilkinson, who has been in Brussels since September 2013.
David Mitchell

David Mitchell

Lay Precentor and Music Director
He has overseen Holy Trinity's diverse and multi-faceted music ministry since 2006.
Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones

Children, Youth and Discipleship Worker
Natalie has been a member of HTB’s evening service since 2012, and joined the team in the summer of 2016.

Lay Leadership