Weekends Away

Holy Trinity Brussels organises two weekends away during the year. These offer different opportunities to our members for teaching, spiritual refreshment, and fellowship together. These are the main church retreats, but keep an eye on our events and news to see if there are other opportunities to break out of your routine and get away!

  • Drongen

    Drongen is a close-by escape for the Holy Trinity family. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, we come together to laugh, learn, pray, worship, socialise, and relax. For the adults, there is a teaching programme, fostering spiritual growth and offering theological reflection on key life issues. For the children and youth, there is a programme of fun and activities that also help them develop spiritually.

    Register for the 2018 programme here.

  • Chassepierre

    Chassepierre is a small village in the south of Belgium, where the Holy Trinity likes to go where the weather gets better in Belgium. From Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, the weekend is filled with relaxation. We eat together, play together, and be together. There is no teaching programme at this retreat, but that means more time for napping and restoration!


    You can register for Chassepierre 2018 (22-24 June) here.