Weddings at Holy Trinity

Many people, whether or not they are regular churchgoers, wish to place the joy of marriage in a wider, God-centred context. At Holy Trinity Brussels, we are always delighted when people approach us about a church wedding. We will do all we can to make the event as personal and special as possible, and to bring the deeper spiritual significance of marriage to the surface. A particular feature of Holy Trinity is our international character, and we try our best to be sensitive to the different cultural backgrounds of those who come to us.

If you would like to get married at Holy Trinity, please contact our church office email or call 02/511 7 183, who will put you in touch with one of our clergy. We will meet with you to discuss what is involved and to make a booking with you. Please also download the booklet at the bottom of this page which gives you more information.

In advance of meeting with us, the following information may be helpful.

  • The Date

    Finding the right date is a matter of negotiation between your own needs, the availability of the reception venue and church availability. Bear in mind that reception venues usually get booked up more quickly than churches. You will usually find that the church is able to be more flexible than the reception venue.

  • Registration Procedures

    In Belgium, the Church is not empowered to register marriages. You must register your marriage at a Belgian Commune or with the secular authority of another EU country, before you have the Church ceremony. The minister must see your secular marriage certificate before he is allowed to conduct the ceremony. Do not underestimate the time it takes to get a Belgian marriage certificate, particularly if one of you is from outside the EU.

  • Flowers

    You or your florist/flower arranger are welcome to decorate our church with flowers. Whilst we cannot offer a flower arranging service ourselves, we are happy to advise on what works in our church and to make oasis and flowers stands available to you.

  • Music

    We have an experienced director of music who takes responsibility for music at weddings. We can usually offer a European choir or an African choir. Sometimes couples prefer to have an informal worship band, or to invite friends who are musicians.

  • Costs

    Our costs are based upon the statutory fees charged by the Church Commissioners in the UK:

    Wedding Fee: €675


    Organist: €150

    At cost charges for service booklets and refreshments, if desired.

Who Takes The Service?

Wedding services at Holy Trinity are conducted by one of our own clergy using Anglican liturgy. Whilst we do not hire out the church to other denominations for weddings, we are always pleased to invite other ministers to participate, for example, by giving the address and leading the prayers. We also invite you to suggest friends or family to do readings, say prayers or lead music. Our clergy sometimes assist with weddings at other Brussels churches, although we do not take weddings at secular venues such as hotels.

Making it Your Wedding

We are aware that people enquiring about marriage at Holy Trinity come from many different backgrounds, situations and circumstances. We will treat you as individuals, and do our best to respond to your particular needs. Please feel free to contact the clergy at any time. We will be pleased to help you in any way we can. We are concerned about your marriage not just about your wedding!