• A Role for Everyone

    Holy Trinity Brussels’ volunteers are the life-blood of the church’s activities. They act as sacristans, coffee teams, gardeners, flower arrangers, welcomers, ushers, children and youth leaders, and in a host of other ways. If you are interested, please contact us.

  • Safeguarding our Volunteers

    Many positions require the volunteer to be properly checked, in order to secure themselves and others against potential harm. If you are considering becoming a volunteer at Holy Trinity, there are two steps.

    1. Please fill out these two forms (Application and Confidential Declaration) and either send them to Natalie Jones or bring them into the Church Office.
    2. Then, please take complete this short introduction to safeguarding, produced by the Diocese of Europe. The name of the chaplaincy is “Brussels.” You can email Natalie Jones afterward to let her know. Thanks!

    Together, we can make Holy Trinity a safer place to worship.