Paul Vrolijk

Canon Chancellor and Senior Chaplain

The Canon Chancellor and Senior Chaplain of Holy Trinity is Canon Dr Paul Vrolijk. After graduating from Delft University of Technology with an MSc in applied physics, Paul worked in the oil industry in Europe, North America, and in the Middle and Far East. Paul is married to Janine and they have four children. Paul and Janine came to faith in an international Anglican church in Singapore.

He trained for ordination at Trinity College Bristol, where he also did doctorate research on Jacob, which was later published by Brill as Jacob’s Wealth. He served in a parish in Bristol and then chaplaincies in Aquitaine, south-west France, before coming to Brussels in September 2015. Paul is passionate about the Gospel, seeing people to come to faith, and building up the body of Christ through spiritual formation (e.g. leading retreats, teaching days, spiritual direction). Paul tries to be a leader who encourages and enables others.