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Pentecost Praise

What is Pentecost Praise?

Pentecost Praise is an annual event that welcomes children and youth from 4 – 16 years old for an exciting day of singing, dancing, worship and workshops.

A Variety of Workshops

There are many workshops at Pentecost, and they help us connect with God in a variety of settings and ways. In the past, some of our workshops have been themed around arts and crafts, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, writing, working with clay, and playing various sports. Each one shows us a different way to connect with and worship God!

Fun and Friendships

It is our hope and aim that through the joyful experience of Pentecost Praise, children will be able to form and deepen friendships that are based in faith and help inspire them to continue to live for and follow Jesus their saviour.

Register for this year!

To register for Pentecost Praise this year, please follow this link to the registration form. Thank you.