Mission Work

Holy Trinity offers financial, material, prayer and other support to voluntary organisations and to individuals involved in missionary work. The aim is to enable people to become involved in or exposed to mission work as a means of deepening their faith. It also helps our community to respond to and support mission initiatives arising in Holy Trinity. Here we explain how we operate and the main mission organisations which Holy Trinity supports.

  • Background

    Holy Trinity tithes (10%) its annual income and from that money it makes grants to a small group of charitable organisations inside and outside Belgium. We are constantly seeking to engage in mission and are looking for new partners. To be a mission partner, a recipient organisation must: (1) have an active liaison or contact person at Holy Trinity, (2) submit an annual report to the Mission Committee on how the funds were spent (this report to be included in Holy Trinity’s Annual Report for the following year’s AGM), and (3) fit at least one of Holy Trinity’s four agreed strategic priorities for mission support — Spreading the Gospel, Care for People, Care for Creation, Support for Christians Facing Persecution.

  • Process

    Holy Trinity’s Mission Committee receives numerous requests for funding and assesses them carefully against the agreed criteria above. A list of proposed funding commitments is then discussed with the Church Council early each year, and following their agreement, the recipient organisations are informed and the grants are made during that year. Most of the funding available is committed early in the year, but a small part is retained for allocation later in the year to respond to further requests or needs.

  • Mission Committee

    The Mission Committee meets quarterly and progresses business between meetings by e-mail. It also maintains regular contacts with recipient organisations through personal meetings when possible. If you are interested in more information, please contact the Mission Committee.