Baptisms at Holy Trinity

Are you a parent of a new child, looking to have your child baptised? We would welcome you to Holy Trinity, where we offer services of welcome and initiation for babies and children. If you are interested in this or in the baptism of older children or adult baptism, please do contact us and we would be delighted to explain how we can help.

At Holy Trinity we offer two ceremonies for the families of little children:

Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

At this service you have an opportunity to say “Thank you” to God for the gift of your child and publicly to name him or her. Your child will be presented with a children’s book about Jesus. Your friends and family have a chance to express their love and support. And all of us ask for God’s blessing on your little one as he or she grows up. No water is used. Sometimes people call this a ‘dedication’ service. This service is used when parents do not feel ready to make the promises in baptism or when they prefer their baby to be baptized when he or she is older.

Service of Baptism

In baptism your baby is welcomed into the life of the church. Parents and godparents make promises to bring your baby up as a Christian within the church. Your child is signed with the cross on the forehead. Water is poured over your baby’s head in the name of the Holy Trinity. A baptism at Holy Trinity is recognized by all the other main Belgian churches, both Catholic and Protestant.

Practical Information

  • How do we arrange a service?

    You need to make an appointment with one of our clergy. At that meeting, we will want to get to know you and to help you decide whether Holy Trinity is the right place for you to come for a Baptism or Thanksgiving. We will then agree a date with you. We appreciate that many of our families are scattered across different countries so arranging a date can be hard. Whilst we try to be flexible, please be aware that we organize our church calendar three months ahead and we cannot guarantee to offer you a particular date.

  • Preparing for Baptism

    After you have booked a baptism with us, the minister will usually want to meet with you to go over the service. This meeting may be at your home or at church. Because our families live across Brussels and beyond, it isn’t practical for us to run baptism preparation classes. But we are pleased to recommend books or CDs if you want help with bringing up your child in the Christian faith. To begin, you might read “the Parenting Book” by Nicky and Sila Lee available from our Church Bookstall or Amazon.

  • When do services take place?

    We normally dedicate or baptize babies at our main Sunday services at 10:30 or 14:00. Sometimes we organize a separate family occasion on a Saturday.

  • The Service

    Our Sunday morning service is large and quite formal. The baptism service begins at 10:30 in church with the whole congregation. To be respectful of the worshipping atmosphere, we ask that you avoid flash photography and don’t take photos after the baptism itself is completed.

    Baptisms can take place at our afternoon service. Our afternoon service is African in style. It is joyous and informal.

    Baptisms can also take place at the contemporary evening service.

  • How much does it cost?

    We don’t make a charge for thankgivings or baptisms. But Holy Trinity costs our regular worshippers about €6000 a week to run. If you’d like to make a donation towards the church, we would welcome it. Our account information is: BE14 3101 9409 6783.

  • Useful Contacts at Holy Trinity

    The office can be reached at 02/511.71.83 or through


What else does Holy Trinity offer?

We have lots of children in our church and we are committed to their nurture. Our 10.30 a.m. service has a staffed and well-equipped crèche. We have groups for children at our morning and afternoon services. If you live in Brussels, we hope that you will want to bring your child to Sunday School. By offering your child for baptism you set a compass direction for your child’s life. But this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey with God.