If you wish to arrange a funeral with us, please telephone our office 02 511 7183.

Arranging a funeral with Holy Trinity

Times of loss often give rise to feelings of shock and confusion, as well as sadness and grief. Bereavements for people living overseas can be particularly complex.

The clergy at Holy Trinity have a lot of experience of working with bereaved people in very many different kinds of circumstances. We can assist with funerals that take place either at Holy Trinity, or at a crematorium, or at another church.

If you approach us, we will offer you an Anglican (Church of England) service. This has a combination of fixed and flexible elements. One of us will want to meet with you to help choose music, readings and prayers. There is space in the service for members of the family to pay tribute to the bereaved, if they wish. Costs for funerals are in line with Anglican practice in the U.K.