Our commitment

Our children’s and youth work operates under the oversight of our church council, and we are deeply committed to the welfare and flourishing of our children. Our leaders and helpers are required to follow the Church of England’s Child Protection Guidelines. If you have a child or young person who would like to join us, please contact our office Tel: 02 511 7183 or email: admin@holytrinity.be

Children And Youth

Holy Trinity is a community where all, including children and youth, belong. This means that we strive to make them feel welcome, safe, respected, valued, positively challenged, listened to and accepted.

Children and youth are a gift to our whole church community. The whole Body of Christ has a special role to play in their life’s journey, and they have a special role to play in the Body of Christ.

We offer special services for children and youth at both our 10:30 and 14:00 services. Youth might also feel at home in the contemporary style of our evening service.

10:30 Service

  • Crèche (Ages 0-3)

    A staffed crèche is available until Communion. We have a sound system that ensures that parents and teachers can follow the service.

  • Scramblers (Ages 3-6)

    Come and join our Scramblers group as they shout, sing and play for Jesus.

  • Explorers (Ages 7-10)

    As children get older, they start to ask more questions about their faith.

  • Pathfinders (Ages 11-13)

    In Pathfinders we try to help our younger people think about Christian living.

  • CYFA (Ages 14-18)

    For teenagers, keeping up a Christian faith can be a huge challenge. In CYFA, we aim to disciple our older teenagers so that they are comfortable and secure in their faith or are able to continue the search for faith.

  • All-Age Worship

    Six times per year, our 10:30 service uses an all-age service format designed to share the love and work of God with children and adults alike. The schedule for all-age worship in 2016 can be found here.

14:00 Service

  • Young Diplomats

    As in our morning service, children and youth from 3-14 years (known as the Young Diplomats) have their own classes during the 2 p.m. service.

  • Ambassadors for Christ

    Not a youth group in the traditional sense, but a place where (mainly African) young people aged fourteen to twenty-five who are serious about their faith can grow and exercise their gifts.

  • The Messengers

    Children aged eight years and above meet on Saturday afternoons from 14:00 to 16:00 to do Rwandan dance and to pray in the Walker Hall below the church.