24 Hours of Prayer

Creative minds from all the congregations in Holy Trinity have put their imaginations together and created a truly wonderful collection of prayer stations that we will be setting up in the church. From ‘Walking the Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘Faces of Jesus’ to an introduction to Lectio Divina prayer, and many more, besides this will be a really special event for anyone looking to engage with prayer in new and exciting ways!

The 24 hours will be from 10:30 on Saturday 17 February until 10:30 on Sunday 18 February in the church, you can sign up for as many time slots as you wish within that time. Fortunately we will now be able to spend the whole 24 hours in the church itself, even during the night. We will begin with a Eucharistic service at 10:30 on Saturday, and finish with the 10:30 service on Sunday. The 9:00 service will still take place as usual on Sunday morning!

If you have any more questions or would like more information, please just drop Lloyd an email at lloyd.brown@holytrinity.be