The Turning Brussels

We are taking part in an inter-church mission week called ‘The Turning Brussels’ from Feb 23rd to March 3rd next year in co-operation with a mix of Anglophone and Francophone churches. We will be holding an information and training session for those who may be interested in taking part in this mission on the morning of Saturday 20th January, to be repeated on Saturday 27th January for those unable to attend on the 20th.  Please reserve one of these dates in your diary if you may be able to help. Volunteers are needed for street evangelism and/or follow-up one-to-one discipleship sessions with those contacted on the streets for which training will be given. The street evangelism will take place during the day on weekdays and one Saturday, volunteers may commit by the day. You might like to think about taking one or two days off work to be able to join in, but people are certainly not expected to have to commit for the whole week. David Fieldsend is representing us on the organising committee for this mission. More information can be obtained from him on