Practical Brexit Meeting Number 2


On May 23rd BBCA held a meeting to help inform people about issues arising from the Brexit plans for the UK. Many of you attended or expressed great interest. The agenda included:- a government update from Ambassador Rose, Belgian citizenship, social security and health insurance, pensions and an open panel discussion.

As you know negotiations are underway between the UK Brexit team and the EU team. Although no results from those discussions are yet known we do expect to be able to share some progress by mid-October. BBCA therefore plans a follow up meeting on October 25th. Once more thanks to ING, it will be in their excellent auditorium.

First on the agenda will be an update from Ambassador Alison Rose who will share the UK government view of progress made up to that point. As we assemble the rest of the meeting topics the BBCA team would like to focus on items that are of most interest to you. Therefore if you have points you would particularly like to see included (even if a repeat of any previous item) please let us know before September 9th so that we can develop a programme which maximises the meeting value for everyone.

Of course depending on the range of subjects we cannot promise to include everything but will do our best to respond to requests made and will publish the meeting agenda in mid September.  Brussels British Community Association ASBL